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How to create OpenVPN connection ASUS Router?

1 Access your router web management interface by going to this address "" and from the left side menu, select "VPN" option from "Advanced Settings" section in left side menu.
PPTP VPN connection on ASUS Router
2 Click on "VPN Client", and then click on "Add profile"
OpenVPN connection on ASUS Router
In opened window, select "OpenVPN" tab and complete the fields as below:
  • Description: RapidVPN
  • Username: Your VPN Username
  • Password: Your VPN Password
Import ovpn file: Login to your client area and go to the Configuration tab and download OpenVPN files (UDP or TCP).
After you download OpenVPN file (in this example we imagine you use UDP file), import (upload) it here and then pree "OK"
OpenVPN connection on ASUS Router
4 Click on "Activate" and click on "Start Now"
OpenVPN connection on ASUS Router
5 Its connected now
OpenVPN connection on ASUS Router