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How to create OpenVPN connection on Ubuntu?

1First go to the terminal and run the commands “sudo apt-get install openvpn” and then “sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn-gnome” (will need to be a superuser with password on your system.)
2Login using provided credentials in our client area and select "Configuration" link from top menu. You will need to download your OpenVPN certificate to wherever is a safe place to store it. Preferably in /ect/OpenVPN. Then take note of your server IP address, will need it later.
OpenVPN connection on Ubuntu - Step 1
3After the install process Go to connection settings then VPN Configure.
OpenVPN connection on Ubuntu - Step 2
4Select Add.
OpenVPN connection on Ubuntu - Step 3
5Make sure to select OpenVPN (if you do not see those options you installed OpenVPN wrong, go back to step 1) then click on Create....
OpenVPN connection on Ubuntu - Step 4
6Under VPN tab enter in your sever IP for your gateway. Then make sure your type is set to password, then enter in your username and password. Then finally upload the certificate you downloaded in step 2. Hit save, change no other settings.
OpenVPN connection on Ubuntu - Step 5
7Go back to VPN connections and select your connection, then you should receive a pop up informing your successful connection.
OpenVPN connection on Ubuntu - Step 6