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How to create PPTP VPN connection on DD-WRT Router?

To configure PPTP on your DDWRT router, please folow next steps:
1) Access your router web management and go to Services -> VPN
2) Go to PPTP Client section and click on Enable option.
3) Configure required options:
  • On Server IP or DNS name add your assigned server name or ip (Example: or IP assigned - Too see your server IP address, login here with your username and password (Select "Configurations" from above-right).
  • On MPPE Encryption add "mppe required,no40,no56,stateless"
  • NAT setup Enable option
  • Add your RapidVPN username and password in required fields.

4) You should reboot your router and anything should be fine.
PPTP VPN connection on DD-WRT Router