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About Virtual Private Network (VPN) | VPN Tunnel VPN benefits and features

VPN Tunnel or VPN is an acronym for V irtual P rivate N etwork. A VPN provides an encrypted and secure connection "tunnel" path from a user's machine to its destination through the public Internet. Once the connection is established, you will be connected to the TVCC network through an encrypted tunnel. Passwords and other sensitive information will be securely transmitted over the Internet and into the TVCC network.

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Featured Services Overview

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    Access TV broadcastsWatch Home-Specific broadcasts overseas

    Local network news can be rather dodgy in some countries, and access to your favorite streaming television, sports games, and video feeds can be locked out while you are away from your home country. By employing a VPN tunnel connection, you can force your borrowed connection to access your home country as if you were physically there, therein enabling your favorite football feeds and TV and newscasts.

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    Remove RestrictionBreak out of a restrictive network at work/school

    A VPN allow you to 'tunnel out' of a restrictive network. As an employee of a company, or a student at a school/university, you will be subject to an 'Acceptable Use' policy for browsing the Web. 'Acceptable Use' is often debatable, and many organizations will impose draconian restrictions, like blocking you from checking your Facebook page, visiting YouTube, reading Twitter, surfing Flickr, performing instant messaging, etc...

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    Lower Skype ratesSkype users looking for better rate

    Skype is the fantastic! Everyone at uses Skype to communicate and if you are looking for the best VOIP provider, look no further. Here's a little known fact about Skype, they base your per minute charges on what IP you have. So if you have a American IP and you call a American phone number, you are making a domestic call. Our VPN service can literally pay for itself if you are doing enough overseas calls.

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    Torrent/P2PDownload and upload P2P files in privacy

    The MPAA and other cinema and music associations absolutely detest P2P file sharing. For reasons of both profit and legality, the MPAA and other authorities want to forbid users from sharing movies and music online. They nab offenders by masquerading as fellow file sharers, or by eavesdropping on your ISP signal. If you are a file sharer, and do not wish to risk copyright prosecution or civil lawsuits, definitely consider spending around 10 dollars a month on a good VPN provider.

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    Unblock ISPUnblock your ISP/Access the blocked websites

    Americans living and surfing the Internet overseas are often frustrated by the controls of the governments where they reside. Saudi Arabia is a country with strict control on what web sites you can surf, and even if you can use a VOIP service provider. Having a VPN account will allow you to bypass the controls, We believe in freedom of speech, while some sites should obviously not be up, we feel that American law at this time is the most practical way of dealing with inappropriate content.

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    No logsUse search engines without having your searches logged

    Your online search choices are then attached to your computer's IP address, and are subsequently used to customize advertising and future searches for your machine. This cataloging might seem unobtrusive and perhaps even useful, but it is also a risk for future public embarrassment and social faux pas. Don't let Google store your searches for 'anti-depressants', 'love advice', 'divorce lawyers', and 'anger management'...consider getting a VPN and cloak your IP address so you can keep your private searches private

More Benefits

  • VPN Security
    SecurityImproved network security The use of encryption protocols and authentication helps secure the data that is traveling over the VPN channel. If the VPN is properly implemented there should be little or no impact on the network's performance. In fact, the network's performance may actually improve, depending on the data services that are being used.
  • VPN Privacy
    Privacy Because you believe privacy is a basic right All the above reasons notwithstanding, you are a firm believer in personal privacy and the right to broadcast and receive without being surveilled and catalogued by authorities. And that is perhaps the biggest philosophical reason you want to spend some dollars a month on a good VPN connection service.
  • VPN Virtual Firewall
    Virtual Firewall A real firewall around you How can a VPN prevent a direct attack on your computer? Attacks are often directed directly at your known IP address. With a VPN account your home computer IP will not be see, our VPN server IP will be. Luckily our VPN server is behind some of the best known hardware and engineers in the industry who monitor activity diligently and make sure the VPN server is protected.
  • VPN Hot Spot
    Hot Spot Hot Spot users preventing password sniffers Hot Spots can be found everywhere now, which is very convenient but also dangerous. Hot Spot hackers are on the rise, it's far too easy now for criminals to do. Using a VPN will prevent Hot Spot sniffing devices from viewing your logins, passwords and private data.
  • VPN Change IP
    Change IP Change your IP anywhere on the earth If you travel overseas you know the problems that can be had when trying to order something over the Internet. There are many scripts on the market that will analyze where the order is being placed from. If you are a Expat (Ex-patriot) living in China for example, and you would like to order something from a Ecommerce site, many times it will be blocked and marked as suspicious activity. This usually means you have to call the credit card company again and again to let them know it's you and not fraudulent activity.
  • VPN No logs
    No logs recorded Avoid reprisals and traceback because of your researching Perhaps you are a celebrity, or you are an employee doing market research of your competition. Perhaps you are a reporter or writer who covers sensitive topics like war atrocities, violence against women, or human trafficking. Perhaps you are a law enforcement officer investigating cybercriminals. In any of these cases, it is in your best interests to make your computer untraceable to prevent reprisals. A dedicated VPN connection is the best choice for manipulating your IP address and rendering you untraceable
  • VPN Anonymous Surfing
    Anonymous Surfing Be anonymous everywhere on the Internet Our VPN accounts enable you to surf the Internet without anyone knowing your true IP. IP's are often tracked and traced in order forms, websites, and for malicious purposes. If you are off our VPN right, you will see below our Database that will show your IP's origin country. There are even more extensive databases for tracking IP and location that can be found at These databases are for sale and allow website owners, or anyone to utilize them with scripts. The above is just a small example of the information they can extract from your IP. When you have a VPN account at your IP will look like this to the world: show USA flag and reliable IP.