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What is SSL VPN?


A Secure Socket Layer virtual private network (SSL VPN) is unlike standard Internet Protocol Security VPN’s as it can be used with a standard web browser and does not need the end user to install specialized software on their computer. SSL VPN’s allow access restricted network resources remotely via secure pathways. Network traffic is encrypted and so the user will appear to be on the local network, no matter where they are located. SSL VPN’s also differ from standard VPN’s because they work with a VPN protocol group that includes OpenVPN, SoftEther and SSTP which are the best VPN for China.



OpenVPN is an SSL VPN open-source software application that uses VPN techniques to create a secure connection between sites. OpenVPNs use a security protocol which uses SSL for key exchange. OpenVPN's offer a number of advantages which include portability, ease of configuration and compatibility with NAT and dynamic addresses.


SoftEther is an SSL VPN that is an alternative to OpenVPN. SoftEther is a free, cross platform, open source VPN solution that was initially designed for firewall penetration. SoftEther employs strategies such as parallel transmission that can reduce latency and increase throughput. An advantage of SoftEther is that it is based on HTTPS so that almost every firewall permits it, which is unlike other VPN systems.


SSTP or Secure Socket Tunnelling Protocol is another form of SSL VPN that provides a means of transporting L2TP or PPP traffic through an SSL channel. SSTP provides the highest level of data security, and safety. SSTP also offers high accessibility as SSTP mimics a normal HHTP connection which typically cannot be banned.

To conclude, if you need to bypass firewalls, restrictions and censorship then you should consider using an OpenVPN or SoftEther as both of these protocols are effective. What is more, both can also be used to secure Wi-Fi connections and public networks for when you are out and about. However, if you need just one, it is suggested that OpenVPN is the best protocol for all users and is secure and the fastest.

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