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Sell super-fast, super-reliable and super-secure VPN to your customers.

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Control Panel Manager Preview

VPN Reseller Control Panel comes with all VPN accounts and makes the process of managing your VPN subscribers very easy. Reseller accounts are provided with access to the VPN Reseller Central, which is a powerful and user-friendly control panel that allows you to manage all your sub-accounts.
  • White-Label VPN

    The only name your customers see is yours! You can create custom account's name to resell to your customers based on your needs. Our service is fully white-labelled, your clients will not know that you are using a reseller account at all.

  • 24x7 technical support

    Our experienced technical support team is ready to assist you every day and every hour. No problem is left unsolved and no question is left unanswered. Our goal is to reach your full satisfaction in all aspects of our service.

  • Trial accounts for your customers

    You may provide test accounts to your clients to to ensure satisfaction prior to purchase. Each test account runs for 10 minutes, and you can generate them easily from within your control panel.

  • Online billing

    keep track of paid invoices and upcoming account renewals with your control panel, making it easy to reconcile billing details and charge customers for their services.

  • 1-Click order & easy management

    Build your account — the easy way! Choose from 15 popular locations to create within seconds by using your fully automated control panel. No manual order forms and no more waiting for plans to be installed.

  • No traffic limits@1 Gbps dedicated port

    With our unlimited bandwidth VPN, you can be as popular as you dream of being, and not worry about hitting limits or excess fees. No matter how big you get, we won't charge you. Just seat and enjoy our stable Gbps speed.

Launch Your Own VPN Business

Reseller VPN plans tailored for small, medium and large business
Note: No monthly or yearly fees on your account. You only pay when you sell subscriptions!
Bronze Plan
$350 USD
  • VPN Accounts Instantly
  • Discount 20%
  • Subnames 1
  • Trial Accounts 2/day
  • Instant Activation
Silver Plan
$500 USD
  • VPN Accounts Instantly
  • Discount 25%
  • Subnames 5
  • Trial Accounts 3/day
  • Instant Activation
Gold Plan
$750 USD
  • VPN Accounts Instantly
  • Discount 30%
  • Subnames 10
  • Trial Accounts 4/day
  • Instant Activation
Diamond Plan
$1000 USD
  • VPN Accounts Instantly
  • Discount 35%
  • Subnames 10
  • Trial Accounts 5/day
  • Instant Activation