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Privacy Policy (Last modified: 09-05-2016)

1- Attention please: You are not allowed to use VPN for hacking activities, copyright (P2P/Torrent NOT allowed), fraud actions, spamming or any illegal activities. So if you try for illegal activities we will suspend your account without refunding money.

2- We allow P2P/Torrent ONLY on Sweden and Netherlands servers, except childporn, spam and malware related.

3- You can renew your personal IP. To renew your IP, you must do it at least 3 days before ending.

4- All of our VPN service will be accountable from your date of order.

5- We offer full money back guarantee within the first 3 days of purchase in case you follow our instructions but are unable to connect and use our service. No refunds will be given if you can connect successfully, or if refund is requested after the days are past. Also, we refund only 2 times per month for each user. When in doubt, always request a test account before placing an order.

6- We accept 3 payment methods:
1) Web Money
2) Perfect Money
3) Bitcoin

If you have any question about our policies, please contact us: