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How to create L2TP VPN connection on ASUS Router?

Note: To be able to configure your ASUS router using L2TP, be sure your network has DHCP support with working Internet Connection.
1) Access your router's web management page.

2) From ASUS management interface, please select "WAN" option from "Advanced Settings" section in left side menu.

3) In "WAN - Internet Connection Page", select "WAN Connection Type" as "L2TP" and keep all other fields on their default values in "Basic Config" section.

4) In "WAN IP Setting", select "Get WAN IP Automatically" to "Yes".

5) For "WAN DNS Settings" you can select "Connect to DNS Server automatically" to "Yes" or setup your DNS entries manually using Google Public DNS ( for DNS Server 1 and for DNS Server 2).

6) In "Account Setting", add your RapidVPN credentials in "User Name" and "Password" fields. "Additional pppd options" must remain blank.

7) In "Special Requirement from ISP" section add RapidVPN server IP or name in "VPN Server" field (depending your assigned server location - Example: or IP assigned - To see your server IP address, login here [Select "Configurations" from above-right] with your username and password).

8) Click on "Apply" button and enjoy using RapidVPN on your ASUS router!
L2TP VPN connection on ASUS Router