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How to create PPTP VPN connection on TP-LINK Router?

Note: To be able to configure your TP-Link router to a PPTP link, be sure your network has DHCP support.
1 Access your router web management interface and select "WAN" option from "Network" section in left side menu.
PPTP VPN connection on TP-LINK Router - Step 1
2 In "WAN" opened page, you need to setup:
  • "WAN Connection Type" as "PPTP/Russia PPTP".
  • In "Username" and "Password" fields you will need to add your RapidVPN credentials.
  • Keep "Dynamic IP" selected.
  • "Server IP Address/Name" field will contain RapidVPN server IP for location where you need to connect (Example: or IP assigned.
    Note: To see your server IP address, login here with your username and password (Select "Configurations" from above-right).

PPTP VPN connection on TP-LINK Router - Step 2

All other fields in this page should remain at their default values. Click "Save" and enjoy using RapidVPN connection on your router.